Custom Care:  At Rivendale, we understand each horse has unique care requirements.  We customize feeding programs and administer provided supplements as needed. We will also make suggestions where appropriate to ensure the very best nutrition for each horse.  We offer both fescue and coastal hays, and can provide timothy or alfalfa hays for additional charge.  Blanketing and wrapping when needed is included in our full board rates (see each Barn under Facility for current board rates).  Regular worming programs, free-choice minerals and salt blocks, round bales in winter, and lush pastures all make for healthy horses.

Rehabilitation: When an injury or illness sidelines your horse, we can assist in convalescent care: administering medication, cold hosing, bandaging, hand-walking, tack-walking and managing limited turn-out (we have various sizes of small paddocks).  We have experience with soft tissue and bone fracture injuries, and understand the time and extra care involved in these situations.  Any special care that does not take more than ten minutes per day is included in board rates, with reasonable charges applied to more extensive care needs.  Consider boarding your sidelined horse at Rivendale and rest assured they will get the treatment they require in a low-stress environment perfect for healing.

We work with our boarders and clients to ensure they are comfortable with the care given to their horses.  This partnership means the horses get the attention they deserve.


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